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What Camera System Is Best For Your Home and Business

Every home or business has different needs for security surveillance, some require just their front porch be monitored, while some need surveillance across multiple locations. A business may need advanced functionality, while others only require a basic system to capture and record footage.

When looking to install a security surveillance camera in your house or business, you’ll need to consider different factors from a functionality, type to cost. After evaluating these options, you can then come to a decision on the best security surveillance system you require. We will explore some of these factors more in-depth so you can determine which option is right for you


The features of the camera system are significant is deciding on which type to purchase. You may desire a camera that allows for night vision and has in-built infrared light, or you may decide to go for a camera that is wireless/Wi-Fi compatible.

Position of the Camera

Where the camera would be installed and positioned determines the type of camera you should purchase. If you are looking to get an indoor camera, you would not have the problem of range, so a small range camera would suffice. But for large space areas, e.g. warehouse, you may require clear footage of the property from over 100 feet away thus the need for a long range camera.


Find and use a DVR storage calculator to determine how much hard drive space you may require to hold your footage. You then need to decide on the recording frame rate for your camera. 7.5 frames per second per camera is the minimum. This will appear as if multiple pictures are linked together; but offers you more storage for your footage. 15 frames per second is way smoother, but maybe choppy still. 30 frames per second will display just as the regular footage you see on TV in most cases.

Live Viewing Source

There are only two means of viewing live footage from the installed camera; on site viewing and remote viewing.

  • On-Site

By connecting a video monitor to your DVR, you can view your cameras from a preferred location in your home or business. This affords you a central location to review your footage. This kind of setup is mostly common with big business, who creates a private space for security personnel to watch the video stream 24/7.

  • Remote Viewing

Purchase a CCTV system that offers the option of remote viewing; connect your DVR to the internet, and the feed can be broadcasted live to different devices such as Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Phones and Tablets etc.

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