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What are some elements of fiber optic cable?

For your information, an optical fiber cable, or better known as fiber optic cable; is a cable that contains one or more optical fibers used for transporting light. The optical fiber elements are usually coated individually with plastic coatings and is contained in a tube that serves as a protective and is suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed.

Fiber Optic Cable is made up of four parts which are;

  • The Core
  • Cladding
  • The Buffer
  • The Jacket


The core of a fiber cable can best be described as a cylinder of plastic which runs along the fiber cable’s length. It, however, gives protection by means of covering. The width of the Core generally depends on the application that is being used. As a result of internal reflection, the travelling of light that is within the core mull over from the core, to the cladding boundary. The core cross section, however, requires to be in a circular form for most of the applications.


The Cladding can be described as an outer optical material which serve as a protector for the core. The main function of cladding is that, it goes as far as reflecting the light transmitted back into the core. When the light flux through the core or better still the dense material into the cladding which is, the less dense material, it will alternate its angle, and then reflects back on the core.


The function of a buffer is used to serve as a protection for the fiber from hazard like damage, and also there are thousands of optical fibers that are positioned in hundreds of optical cables. Essentially, these bundles serve as a protector of the cable’s outer covering which is better called a jacket.


The Fiber optic cable’s jackets can be seen in various colors, and can easily enable us know the precise color of cable that we are making use of. However, the famous color yellow signifies clearly as a single mode cable, and also the orange color pinpoint a Multimode.

How fiber optic cables (Broadband) are changing lives

Opportunities in rural area

The Fiber broadband has an environmental impact viz a viz things like running video calls, with an alternative for you instead of driving down to a meeting, this can however, help limit the carbon emission footprint. It has been forecasted that by the year 2020, Cornwall must have made a limitation of half a million in tones.

The bigger picture is that when you take a look beyond the United Kingdom, the internet has displayed to possess the potential to enable a significant difference to the lives of people who live in poor countries. However, the likes of Facebook who is currently developing a satellite which will be used to bring the internet to remote parts of Africa, and also as part of the Internet.org project, which is bringing education and e-commerce opportunities right to the doorstep of people.

Increased data usage

From a personal perspective, we are however, consuming the internet more. Ofcom explained that data consumption has since increased since 2012, and that is with the average household who consumes not less than 58GB of data over a broadband monthly. It is no longer news for us all that, this is going to shoot further in the near future. As consumers put in increasing demands on their home broadband, which means that fast broadband viz a viz BT Infinity will be essential for use.

Clever – and connected – gadgets

In our homes, we are beginning to see various appliances which can now connect directly to the internet. This is, however, known as the internet of things. Gadgets such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Philips Hue lighting system and the Smarter iKettle or better still known as the smart devices can now connect to the internet. This further means that these devices can be controlled remotely just by using your smartphone. If you will be late at home, you can decide to turn on your heating right from your desk by making use of your smartphone and what this means is that you save money. However, a lot of devices that are connected can however work together. An example is, if the Nest Protect smoke alarm detects a fire, it is built to communicate with the thermostat of Nest and it automatically turns itself off by default.

Bigger, better storage

Do you know that one of the most important features of the new age computing is the Cloud? The Cloud which can best be described as a method of digital storage, right into the internet rather than a device and it is capable to store and save up your files. The services such as that of BT Cloud enables users to store their photographs, as well as videos and other important documents right in the Cloud, where it can be accessible anytime anywhere from any device. Guess what the interesting part is? Computer programs and application now run from the Cloud.

Great entertainment

Gone were the days you are being forced to choose between only five indigenous channels for an evening’s entertainment – interestingly these options are long gone into extinction. With the advent of technology, most of us are now streaming and also downloading our favorite shows and also movies from services such as BT TV or rather Netflix – which, according to a recent report by Ofcom – has about 4.4 million households that has subscribed to it.

The new standard in TVs is the Ultra HD or 4K, they have four times the amount of details that can be found in an HD and also requires the use of a fast broadband connection such as the BT Infinity. This is simply because it consumes a lot of data kaufen viagra in deutschland. The Ultra HD which brings more lifelike images to our TV screens and make them seem more realistic. However, this is something that more people will be making use of in the future and this is not to forget that BT also unveiled the first Live Sport channel, 4K channel.

Whether it’s the internet of things, or downloading your favorite movies, or uploading your photos to the Cloud or rather watching the Ultra HD TV, the broadband is needed for faster downloads and for users to enjoy a seamless streaming and more.

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