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Home Automation with Qolsys IQ Panel

Home automation means building automation for a home, and is often referred to as smart home. This typically comprises of control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning system, and general security. Home appliances such as washing machines, ovens and refrigerators can also be automated. Remote monitoring and control is usually done through Wi-Fi. Modern systems are typically made up of switches and sensors connected to a central hub where the system is controlled using a user interface. The Qolsys IQ panel offers such interface that keeps you connected to a complete collection of smart devices giving you control over your entire home apotekerendk.com.

Features of the Qolsys IQ Panel

Panel Camera

Qolsys IQ 2 Panel comes with a built-in camera that captures disarm photos as well as the date, time, and the person that disarmed the panel, and sends you this information directly to your smartphones.

Dual Path Connectivity

The IQ Panel 2 comes with LTE communication for faster speeds and future-proof connectivity. This we combined with the Wi-Fi together to create an impressive dual-path connectivity to the cloud.

Z Wave Plus

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 comes equipped with Z-wave plus, a modern technology that enables you to create an automated home, which allow you use up to 128 smart home devices like your lights, appliances, garage openers, heating, security and multimedia at the touch of a button. Two-way communication, status updates and mesh networking combine together to ensure reliability and resiliency in your Home Automation system – no more wondering whether the light in your garage really turned off when you closed the door!

Glass Break Detector

The IQ Panel 2 has dual microphones with a quad core processor, as well as a software that incorporates both of these as a built-in glass break detector. The microphone monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass, if the vibrations exceed a certain threshold (that is sometimes user selectable) they are analyzed by detector circuitry

Benefits of Home Automation with Qolsys IQ Panel


The Qolsys IQ Panel is the hub that moderates communications between you and all your home automation products. An intuitive touchscreen dashboard puts all your home controls in one place.No more wandering the house flipping switches and punching keypads before bed. The Qolsys IQ Panel is a smart home hub that bundles all your smart home controls in one place, giving you control of lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and security systems from one spot.

Secure signal. Secure home.

It takes a secure wireless network to create complete home security. The Qolsys IQ panel includes the ability to pair with S-Line encrypted sensors, providing secure authentication for doors, windows, and each room of your home. And the bright HD display shows you a glowing signal of your home’s status from across the room.


Mobile control from anywhere, anytime. With compatibility with alarm.com, it makes home automation controls mobile. Its intuitive navigation makes it easy to manage lighting and climate controls, operate garage doors or door locks, monitor security cameras, interact with visitors at your doorstep, or arm security systems from anywhere.

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