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How technology has changed over the past 10 years

Technology as we know it, has evolved at an interesting stride in the last decade, and what used to be spoken about as being futuristic and impossible to fathom has now become a part of our everyday life and has been destined to change the operations of humans both personally and at their workplace.

Take for instance, let us rewind to 10 years ago, there used to be a phone known as the flip phone. There were no whistles or whatsoever, only the capacity to text at a slow and uncomfortable pace.

This won’t come to you as a surprise, because you probably were still making use of a digital subscriber line to surf through the internet, at a speed which people actually placed their confidence in. However, obviously you weren’t even making use of your phone to surf on web pages or rather download application – instead you were trying to purchase an affordable ringtone for your mobile phone that sounded more or less like a video game rather than the real song.

The likes of MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger were of the popular methods that was used to communicate with friends online, at this period people had just begun hearing the latest rumors of the next thing coming online “Facebook.”

If you missed your favorite weekly shows on TV when they were actually aired, you know you just had to wait until the re-run is shown. In some major cases, sadly enough, you tend to completely miss an episode.

Here we are, fast forward to today, you’d discover that the experience isn’t all too common and more especially with such technological problems.

Essentially, let us peruse through some of these few technology approaches in the last 10 years that have presumably had an effect on your everyday life.


At the beginning of this article, we made mention of the Nokia flip phone which was a big deal 10 years ago. This phone had a blue screen that is bright, with an all-black text, and yes, you guessed right – it felt slow typing as well as communicating into the miniature yet heavy, squeamish looking robot.

In 2007, the iPhone was launched and it has begun the new wave of the smartphone technology, that has continued to enhance as well as affect our lives on a daily basis.

However, with the launch of the iPhone, users then started their path to a steady, and a ceaseless stream of information, and also openness just like never before.

Nowadays, you get to see the images of what your friends and especially your family – from what they are up to to what they had for lunch at any time you want.


In the space of mobility another improvement is the increasing presence of the Wi-Fi spots. Essentially, with the coming of the smartphones, as well as upgraded laptops and sooner than latter the tablets. The Wi-Fi has actually changed where and how we tend to gain access into our technology.

However, it is no news that businesses everywhere are now providing Wi-Fi to their customers realizing that everyone need to and want to stay connected at all times.

Take for instance, if you are at a basketball game or better still your favorite concert and you intend to document it as well as sharing your status update on how your interesting night is going. Complaint such as poor internet coverage, has gradually become a forgone issue.

A similar experience like this applies if you are enjoying your vacation and at the same time trying to ease up your stress – A Wi-Fi is always present to ensure you still receive your notifications from Facebook and see what your friends and family are up to in their own worlds.


For the new and upcoming generations, these generations won’t remember the dark ages of Facebook or Twitter.

Lest we forget, 10 years ago MySpace used to be the social network of choice, and not only that, it connected millions of users together and gave them the opportunity to share their pictures as well as stories and also gave them the opportunity to get to listen to new music.

Moving forward, in the past few years, Facebook and Twitter have proven to be pertinent with its online presence, although other social media channels have been refined viz a viz Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest – exhibiting the constantly evolving growth of the social networking.


Ask yourself this question; what was it like before the advent of streaming via applications such as Netflix or Hulu? Now, perhaps you were even seeing movies or watching your favorite TV programs on cable or via your satellite, we aren’t surprised that some were even borrowing their favorite movies from that Redbox kiosk down the street. However, some of these things are still common. The online streaming feature has since upgraded with the way consumers see television and as well as movies.

An example is, now if unfortunately, you tend to miss your main TV shows, not to worry, you can catch up with them online just the following day. Did you miss your favorite episode or the whole season of your favorite show that was shown from 10 years ago? It is now possible for you to catch up on all of these.

With the progress in the streaming technology, you will be able to take a view on the world of all exciting shows, to documentaries, and also all movies from yesteryear’s that were unlikely not easy to access.

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